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Contract Growing:

If you have a specific project in mind that requires quality plants for a deadline, then its time to plan. Contract growing can sometimes be the only course of action to gain the required varieties when needed. We have successfully achieved this for clients and would be happy to discuss your project needs in depth.

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Consulting Design and Planting:

Aspect Vs Practically Vs Client Satisfaction. This is the basic building blocks for any project, large or small and it needs to be right. Most projects don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. So why not engage our accumulated knowledge for a seamless end result –  success.

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Potting Media:

There is no better way to start your epiphytes than using A specially formulated potting mix. We have formulated this media using the best of ingredients and the best of knowledge to give your plants their best of beginnings. It contains well balanced combination of organic nutrients, long term anchorage and the accurate amount of APF (Air Filled Porosity). We now have 20Kg bagged product available.

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Guest Speaking:

Do you need a general informative speaker for your garden club or maybe an in depth presentation to a focus group? Either way one of our team members can prepare and deliver a presentation tailored to your groups requirements.

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Nursery Visitations:

Are you looking for a venue set amongst beautiful plant life. By appointment we can supply an all weather hub to hold meetings and/or an in depth nursery mechanics. This comes with a speaker and informative presentation to your groups level of expertise.

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  • I have known Jamie and family for over 5 years buying their vast variety of bromeliads. I find their plants are of high quality and their service is excellent…!!! I have no hesitation in recommending Bromeliads Australia to the landscape industry and other suppliers.

    Marc Patterson, Business Development Manager

    Marc Patterson -
  • Our dealings with you over the last six years or so at Bromeliads Australia have been informative, educational and probably best of all a lot of fun. Your willingness to disperse your knowledge (and I have to admit there is a bit of it) to those who might ask for your help is like a breath of fresh air. I have no doubt that your transformation through Bromeliads Australia to Apex Plants will meet with all the success you wish for. Twentyman - Horticultural Consultants

    Doug Twentyman

  • My thanks for consistently high standards and best horticultural practice over the years for bromeliads grown with great expertise and vision at your nursery. As a designer, suppliers on planting are crucial to client satisfaction at completion of an installation and over coming seasons as the new garden begins to show itself. Robert Lanarch as a visionary grower with a gifted eye for hybridising expertise, are the life blood of our industry. Always deliver a dynamic offering of ever-changing selection driven by unquenchable interest in plants and their enduring fascination. Excellence in selection and quality of supply are what I've...

    Peter Nixon, Director

    Designer Growers Network logo
  • Dealing with Jamie is a little like dealing with a craft brewery. You get all the passion, all the skill, all the commitment, and a truly great product. I get the sense that its these ingredients that are at the heart of his plants and service that stand well out above the competition. It’s really a pleasure for us to work with Jamie, and the plants he provides give us consistent impact and reliable high quality for our clients.

    Steve Farr, Company Owner

    Steve Farr -